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Mercer has been helping Kiwis save for their retirement for over 60 years and maximising the benefits of long term investing. Members of the Mercer KiwiSaver scheme can review their contributions and investment strategy by signing in to their online account and our chatbot Elo is available 24/7 to assist.

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Changing market conditions

Movements in the financial markets caused by the spread of COVID 19 have had a significant impact on many New Zealanders. We recognise how concerned you may be during this time and we are here to support you.  At this stage, it is difficult to predict the path of returns over the short term but history tells us that recovery from shocks will happen. It is also important to remember that until this year, the global financial markets have been good to investors. What action you take should depend on your retirement plans, when you intend to withdraw your money, and what investment option you are in. It’s important to know that moving investment options or withdrawing money at a time when markets fall can cement the losses that you’ve had. For many people, not making a change at the moment is the best thing to do.  If you need some or all your money in the shorter to medium term, for example if you are buying your first home, then switching investment options might be a sound thing to do, but as we said above be aware that you will likely lock in a loss if you do this. If you are considering making an investment option change or you want to see if the option you are in matches your risk appetite, the best first step is to complete a risk quiz questionnaire. You can also speak with one of Mercer’s financial advisers to discuss what actions could be best for you.

There are a number of ways to get in touch with us and we are doing our best to answer all your queries and address concerns as fast as we can.

Online: Update your details, check out your risk profile, check your investment option or check your balance online here.
Chat: Talk to Elo the Chatbot who can help with a number of queries.
Email:  KiwiSaver@mercer.com and we will get back to you as soon as we can.
Call: Our free 0508 637 237 (if you are calling from overseas: +61 3 8687 1886) from 9am to 7pm from Monday to Friday.
We are currently experiencing high call volumes and wait times are longer than normal.

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We’ve got them covered. Find all the answers on our FAQ page or call our Helpline team on 0800 755 560.

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Mercer is a KiwiSaver provider you can trust to manage your KiwiSaver money. Our team of investment experts search the globe to find some of the best investments to help maximise your returns and we invest responsibly. Mercer’s KiwiSaver scheme has achieved a Platinum rating for the 6th consecutive year by an independent research agency, SuperRatings for delivering value for money to our KiwiSaver customers and we are proud to be recognised for our investment performance and commitment to helping Kiwis get ahead financially.

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Our team of experts search the globe to deliver diverse investments right here in New Zealand, helping to maximise KiwiSaver returns.